Last Updated on 1st October , 2017

AlertBucks - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is AlertBucks ?
A: AlertBucks is a service which helps users to make the best use of online money making programs in the safest way.

Q: How does it work ?
A: We guide users to join certain third party money making programs . We do not own the programs in which we participate.

Q: Can I have multiple accounts ?
A: Yes , we allow you to have multiple accounts but make sure that they are kept active .

Q: Can I invite my family members ?
A: Yes , you may refer your friends or family members . There is no restriction on IP address .

Q: My doubt / Question is not listed here !
A: We are here to help you . Please drop us a support request by clicking here and we will respond with a solution as soon as possible[48 hours at max].Please use a valid Email Address as you will recieve a reply via Email only.

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